Well, we’ve replaced the cords, gotten the ringer to work, adjusted it to perfection (frighteningly loud), and have used it as a primary phone in the Stevens’ household for the past couple of weeks, a test that it passed with flying colors. It still looks a bit more “rugged” than I’d like, so lets see about cleaning and polishing, shall we? While y’all weren’t looking, I took it upon myself to clean up the inside of the phone just a little. No, I didn’t do the whole “fully disassembled and ultrasonically cleaned” thing… that’s wacky. Now hold on there, Mister Ultrasonic, what I mean is that it’s wacky for me. Lest we forget, I’m still a card-carrying rookie, and where telephones are concerned, have never attempted anything more technical than a couple of prank calls. I’m not after an immaculate restoration. This project is all about functional, reliable and presentable. Functional, reliable and presentable… sort of rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? By golly, that could be the battle-cry of a new movement… “Down with FR (fully restored), long-live FRP!!!”     Or not.
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