1957 Western Electric AdvertisementI’ve been working away on a new page, an archive of vintage advertisements. This will include ads for telephones, telephone service, and even ads for unrelated products if a phone is featured prominently. The vast majority of the advertisements will be for Western Electric, but General Telephone, Bell Labs and many others will also be included. You can browse the small, thumbnail images and left-click to view the large, high resolution versions. I’m making every effort to maintain the accuracy of color and sharpness of detail that is found in the adverts, and will make digital repairs if significant damage is present on the original. This will be a long-term project that will see the page grow steadily, with additional ads posted as I find the time. If you have old ads to contribute that you think would be suitable for inclusion, please drop me an e-mail. The page can be accessed from the Home page, or you could just click here.