Early Telephone MenHave you ever just stopped and taken stock of the whole collecting phenomenon? I’m particularly talking about collecting “old stuff”, be it early telephones, baseball cards, vintage pottery… whatever. Have you ever questioned the time and effort put into your hobby? Why do you study and collect vintage things, and is it a worthwhile pursuit? These questions must be answered by the individual, but I have a few thoughts on the subject that I’d like to share. (imagine that!)
As I see it, there are two primary motivators for any hobby that’s centered around antiques or vintage collectibles: nostalgia, and historical research. Those two factors can, and usually do, overlap to some degree. Often as not, nostalgia is what ropes you in, but it tends to be a poor foundation for a lasting relationship. If you’re a life-long enthusiast, that initial nostalgia likely morphed into something else: an appreciation for history. Read the rest of this entry »