Kellogg K-500 Handbook web pageFinally it’s done. I’ve made four web pages to accommodate scans, thumbnail size, of each page of the Kellogg K-500 Handbook. The thumbnails can be left-clicked to reveal a large version. Quite large. I’ve compressed the size of the large images down to around 500k, depending on the image in question, but I realized that a few of the one-hundred or so scans missed the compression step. As a result, some of them (about thirty?) are more in the neighborhood of 1.5 meg in size! I’m going to get right at fixing that particular error, as well as “proof-reading” to assure that I’ve not skipped any pages. Keeping track of them was a bit of a challenge, but I finally figured out that they assigned numbers to pages that were blank. Don’t panic if you see skipped numbers. It just means that I didn’t bother to scan pages with no content!
I considered making a pdf version available for download, but the image quality would have had to be reduced too much for my tastes. Besides, it’s already been done, with a pdf of the book available at The Kellogg Telephone Page. (Part of the Telephone Archive, it’s a great site. Pay them a visit!) I’ll be fine tuning the pages over the next few days and will no doubt add more descriptions below the thumbnails, making it a little easier to find stuff. But all-in-all I think it’s looking pretty good. That’s all for now. Enjoy!