Stromberg-Carlson 1243 handsetI’m going to throw out something that I’ve found curious about handsets, particularly those of the bakelite variety. It seems that the screw-on receiver/transmitter caps often exhibit deterioration to a much greater degree than the other bakelite parts. It is also common for one screw-on cap to be worse than the other. Why? Those who have dealt with bakelite handsets know the sort of damage I’m talking about, a dull, rough finish that is more than cosmetic, as if corrosion of the plastic has taken place. Frequent handling, something all phones are subjected to, can certainly cause wear, but this type of damage isn’t the sort I would expect from handling. If frequent handling/rubbing during use was the culprit, wouldn’t it result in shiny areas rather than dull? Wouldn’t this texture be more prominent on the handset itself rather than the caps? Read the rest of this entry »