Miniature model 500 phonePeripheral collections are great aren’t they? When you’re out hunting for whatever it is that you collect and having no luck, you come across something that ties to it. I combed through the stuff at my favorite flea market yesterday in hopes of finding old phones, but instead I came home with an interesting telephone-related item. At first it appeared to be a toy telephone, but upon closer inspection I could see that this accurately rendered model 500 served another purpose, one that I’ve yet to determine with total confidence. The seller said it was an inkwell, but I found that highly unlikely. After all, how many inkwells were produced in the Model 500 era? In the center of the dial (where the number card would be) is a hole that does indeed look like the opening of an inkwell, complete with ink remnants. But before we go into full mystery-solving mode, let’s go over the details of this little beauty. Read the rest of this entry »