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What is the difference between these "dials". 7C and the 7DX?

Started by Contempra, December 06, 2022, 05:38:48 PM

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Good evening, I bought this afternoon a telephone model 500 with a Dial 7DX dated January 1967. I usually find Dials 7C or D, but the one I cleaned and lubricated this afternoon. For you, it may be common and you know the differences :)

My question is ; What is the difference between these "dials". 7C and the 7DX? I ask since I don't see any differences between the one I did (7DX) this afternoon and the 7D?

Sorry, I don't know how to ask the question properly.


7C is a dial for color phones. 7A and 7D are black.

I don't know about 7DX. Can you provide a picture of the back?
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I will try tomorrow during the day. I just put it back together, so it will be fine tomorrow. Thanks for your reply Poplar. (I don't know your first name.)

EDIT : The phone is approximately 'salmon-pink' Dated  january 1967 and it's a Nothern Telecom .


Interesting, I also never heard of or have seen a 7DX. We need pictures!
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