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Lamp Phone Atrocities!

Started by Greg G., May 06, 2009, 12:43:09 AM

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Greg G.

I think they deserve a thread all their own. Here we go!

In cyberspace, no one can hear you scream!


EDIT:  The phones that go below are compiled in all their shining glory at this link: Lamp Phone Atrocities
( dead link 11-10-21 )
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Well we've all seen perfectly good old phones that have been violated in one way or another...from strange and hideous "artistic" paint jobs, phones with trinkets and seashells and such glued all over them, phones drilled out to make them into table lamps...the sordid list of every possible desecration goes on and on...

Here's a couple from Ebay and one from Paul's site.  Notice that the AE 40 "lamp" has the sought after cradle lock for use aboard ship...oh the horror. ::)


Good gawd, the horrors!  That last one, with the cradle lock!!  Ahhhhh!!!!! 


This googie phone is original and unscathed but it did make me think of you, Heath ;D


Seems to me that if they were going to wreck that AE 40 they could have at least made it so that the handset functioned as the light switch.



I was speechless when I found these:



Quote from: bingster
I was speechless when I found these:

The "Love" sticker is rather ironic too.
Obviously no love nor respect from the perpetrator for this poor victim. :P :'(
Gosh, can't folks just get a nice classic lamp and leave these poor phones well enough alone???

Dennis Markham

I'd be willing to give the $50 for it and try and plug some holes to convert it back to whence it came.  A white 6J dial and some new cords and you'd have yourself a decent example of a blue 302.  Many hundreds of dollars less than one without holes.  IF that's a plastic one and not a painted black one.


Yes I'd feel a lot better if I knew if that was a blue painted black 302.  But still...


Ugh, I see these pop up at thrift shops and antique stores now and then and I just get queasy.  It's such a waste. 

Also, love the Bart Simpson there!
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Came across an old Kellogg candlestick lamp at a flea market not too long ago-priced at $150.

Strangely enough, this was the same booth and seller which had previously had a WE 50AL stick priced at $50 which I (stupidly) didn't buy and missed out on. The 50AL was pretty rough, too, with a big white curly cord running from the base to the receiver and a U1 receiver element flopping around inside the receiver shell. Those things would have been easy enough to fix, though.


Bingster where did you find that evil?  Somehow I think it's really blue plastic, the color is darn similar, and the hole drilled in the handset seems to be in plastic.  Is this an e-bay deed?



I'm not sure what the ultimate origin of the photos is, but I found them on the TCI website.  I agree about the blue--I think that's solid blue plastic.


What is this world coming down to?  :'( :'( :'(


AE always was a step up over WE  IMO. This is a rare double mushroom prototype!
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