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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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How many of you actually use your antique phones?

Started by BDM, September 21, 2008, 04:19:03 PM

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So, how many are actually using their phones?

I have no modern phones
several at any given moment
Maybe one hooked up, when I'm in the mood
Hardly ever. Besides, they scare the kids
Heck no! Are you kidding? Display only!!

Dave Zemens

I knew you'd remember both the details of how the phone came to be and have photos, too!  It's a beautiful phone and it's been serving proudly for the last four years. It was a great birthday present!

Gosh, it doesn't seem like it was four years ago already.  Hey, that was two weeks after I retired!
Dave Zemens
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Dave ,
          That's a sweet phone there!!!!!!!!!!!!  stub
Kenneth Stubblefield        

Dave Zemens

It's a beautiful phone stub, just like all the phones Dennis restores.  My picture is lacking, but the phone is a beauty.
Dave Zemens
1955 Design | Rochester, Michigan
Website Design & Development
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Kenny C

This topic needs revived!!!

Here is my phone that has been on the night stand for months.

In memory of
  Marie B.


Beautiful! I also have and use a 302 on my night stand. The 354 is still in the hallway, a 2001 Cortelco 500 is in the living room because it has the softest adjustable ringer, a 2005 Cortelco 2500 is in the kitchen because it's my only Touch Tone phone in working condition, and my daily-user D1/E1 202 is on my desk in the office, and a 5302 is hooked up on a shelf in there so I can hear it ring as the 202 has no ringer.


I've had my 1937 302 hooked up in the dining room for 5 years. It's the only ringer I really like and don't get sick of (500's ringer is irritating to listen to all the time). The 302's ringer is pleasing to the ear and is loud enough that it does the trick for the whole (quite large) house.
Last year my mom found this neat old phone table from the 40's or 50's so now it sits on that.  

Have also got a white S-C 500 hooked up in my bedroom with the ringer disconnected. All of my other phones are on display in my bedroom.

Aaron W. Gonya

At the moment I have a white 70's ITT 500 clone on my nightstand, and a black Northern Electric 500 clone on my desk.


Right now I just have 4 hooked up (down from 6).

I keep a Candlestick in the Dining Room, easily visible when you walk in the front door.  I have a restored Imperial (my Wife's favorite) in the Living Room, an old Kellogg in the Den (Love that Ringer) and a D1 in the Bedroom.


With the help of a well known member on this forum, i have phones of the 30's and 50's working, all over the house.


Currently I have two vintage phones hooked up for regular use.

The first is a WE 302 which sits on my side of the couch in the living room.

The second is a WE 211 which sits up in the loft; that's my man cave/hidey-hole/hobby shop.

LM Ericsson

I use a 1963 Western Electric 565HD+ multiline at my computer desk

MAin 0-2368

I've got a four line telephone line simulator with two 500s, a 5302 and a 302 around the house as an intercom system. My own private phone company! Does that count?


Newly-acquired 302 on my desk, 554 hanging in the garage, Galion and repro candlestick (ca. 1979 -- does that count? ;-) in the living room....


Using a yellow '73 Princess on my night stand next to my bed, a refurbished WE 202 with subset in the living room and a refurbished WE 51AL with subset on my desk (side tone and all). Plus all the phones I install on stage sets for live theater plays. I do have a cell phone for work (driving). If it doesn't have a dial, it's not . . .


I have 3 hooked up in my 'man cave', a 302, a 554, and the big emergency phone I bolted to the wall. I have my red 500 from the fire dept in the living room and the black 500 chuck sent me on my night stand. We have some crappy Chinese thing in the kitchen until I get a wall phone that's not 'puke green', as my fiancee calls it. She wants a blue 554, specifically.