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How many of you actually use your antique phones?

Started by BDM, September 21, 2008, 04:19:03 PM

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So, how many are actually using their phones?

I have no modern phones
several at any given moment
Maybe one hooked up, when I'm in the mood
Hardly ever. Besides, they scare the kids
Heck no! Are you kidding? Display only!!


Quote from: RotarDad on January 20, 2018, 12:32:55 PM
HT 502 question:  Will a used one from Ebay (with power supply) be plug and play to connect a rotary phone to my Comcast cable gateway?   Or will I need to do some configuring using a PC?

I haven't been using my old rotarys on the outside line, but this looks like a cheap, easy solution.  I do have a Panasonic 616 that I use for internal phone use, but I thought the HT 502 would be an easy connect to the outside line.....  Thanks for any "tech support"!!

You will need to configure the HT502 for your BYOD provider or IP PBX via the PC, you also will likely want to turn off the inbuilt router. You will have to connect your PC to the LAN side long enough to login (via, go to basic settings (default password for user mode is 123), turn off the NAT router, update, and reboot. After that you can re-connect your PC as normal and can do the rest of the setup (via the IP assigned to it, either find under "connected devices" on your Xfinity router or via touch tone (I suggest a phone with a polarity guard) phone by dialing *** followed by 02 to get the address from the IVR.

As far as the 616 is concerned, as long as the output is 10PPS or DTMF it will work with the HT502, just be careful as the HT502 does have a tip/ring reversal.


Thank you for the input.  My plan was to simply put the HT 502 between the Comcast gateway and a 500 rotary phone, not using the 616 in this case.  Sounds like it should work off the shelf if unlocked, but worst case would work with some configuration.


Quote from: Shovelhead on September 21, 2008, 07:20:31 PM
A 202 with the subset in the living room, and a 302 downstairs. I'll probably use the black Trimline that I've had since 1970 in the spare bedroom.
Can't find by dial Princess, misplaced it and packed it away during the move in '04. Probably in the garage's rafters (I hope it didn't get left behind)
I have a tan 701B Princess if you want it.  There is a chip where the handset cord goes, but the phone works fine.  These need an outside ringer, as there is none in the phone.


I've always had an old 302 next to the bed with a magnavox caller ID system for it....

I keep a all dates matching 1970 red trimline in the bathroom...

I used to have a Bellsouth payphone outside in the woods just for kicks, until a tree limb crushed the top...

The 302 actually sounds better than most 2500's I've had....


Since I'm one of two partners in a small architectural practice, I was able to install a Panasonic 616 and several dial phones, mostly WE 500's with a couple of WE 565's for the partners (I have a couple of WE 2500's as backup, but nobody has asked to trade yet).  I've set it up so that the "old" RCA office phones are still connected in parallel so that we didn't have to face a full mutiny.  I'm still trying to work out the ringing with the 616 because it's pretty crazy when all of the ringers go off at the same time in a wave throughout the office.  The "experiment" has been going on for a couple of weeks now.  We'll see how it goes...


That sounds like fun. My wife doesn't like all the phones go off in cadence either.


Quote from: oldguy on June 11, 2018, 10:20:16 PM
That sounds like fun. My wife doesn't like all the phones go off in cadence either.

My grand kids enjoy that....It's the fun part!

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


I have 8 working vintage phones hooked up including 1920's to 1930's desktop models, candlesticks hooked up to wooden and metal ringer boxes  and 2  payphones (automatic electric and Bellsouth Single slot). When the phone rings in my house you can forget about paying attention to anything else. Ring, ring, ring, all over the house and garage.  😝 Visitors really enjoy testing the phones. It's fun.


Welcome to the forum. You have found the best forum on the net. I usually warn new members about Phoneitis but from your post it would be a moot point for you, looks like you are already addicted!
Harry Smith
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I'll snag a 202 or 102 every now and then on fleabay and hook it up for a daily driver. The sound quality on some of the older ones is just terrible, though. The bullet style trannys almost never work correctly, or produce too much static. Even the 2500's and 500's can be a little shotty on our POTS. Just sounds muffled at times if you understand what I mean.

The AE 80 I have that was my great grandfathers is still in perfect order, and the sound quality rivals the phones of today!


At the risk of totally destroying my credibility, here's our bedside phone.
I have the full set of these (Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Kermit, Winnie the Pooh).
They're fun and practical.
I'll say no more.

Bob S

Hi yesterday was my fist day on the forum. I was overwhelmed with the information I have been getting. I attached pictures of the phone I have had hooked up for a couple mouths now People are amazed that I can make and receive call on it. The bell ring on incoming calls and I will hook up magneto to ring bells when on hook. Thanks to Every body here



Bob S

Thank You I had the phone for a long time and found out how to install touchtone pad and it gets a l lot of attention.


I used to not have my phones connected all the time but now I consistently have two or three connected to the C*NET, NPSTN, or the PSTN.

I actually made a lot of friends using my WE500 set!