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Started by IIfx, August 13, 2013, 11:12:55 AM

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My name is Eric, and I have been collecting old electronics (computers - mainly old Apples, film cameras) for over 10 years. My username IIfx is actually the model of my favorite vintage computer, the Macintosh IIfx.   About 2 years ago I expanded my interests into old telephones. Picked up a nice all 3-1963 Western Electric 500 in black on eBay back in January of this year. After going on a trip to Poland this summer, a relative gave me a pre-world war II polish made LM Ericsson which has been a challenge to get going (expect a post on this one!)

I got into old phones thanks to becoming interested in telecom history - the innovation that came out of Bell Labs, and the quality of service the Bell System seemed to provide really is a sharp contrast to today's telecom situation in the US. I am a big fan of Western Electric equipment, but there are some pieces I like that came out of Automatic Electric as well. Eastern European stuff also interests me, and from some research it looks like its all copied off of Ericsson for the most part.

Looking forward to future discussions and posts.




Welcome to the forum.  Please post pictures of your unusual phones.  We like to see them.





I too, likes computers as well as phones. Though I have over 100 some and it's a addictive hobby. Too bad my dad put a end to computers for me..



Hi Eric, Welcome ;D

Since you only have 2 phones as of now, stick with computers! Get out now! These old phones multiply quickly. Are you a Star Trek Fan? Do you recall the Tribbles? Just Like That!! Phonitis sets in and soon you will have phones everywhere! You will spend all your spare time & money looking for, buying & fixing old phones! Soon you will need more room and more money! It never ends, a diferent model, a different color, a differnet manufacturer etc. Don't forget about special tools and ephemera! The list goes on forever!

Seriously, you have found the best forum on the internet, a great group of guys with a vast knowledge of and love for old phones.
Harry Smith
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Eric, welcome to the Forum! I knew what your handle meant before I read your post. I've been working on computers for a school system for 28 years and we've had a parade of all kinds of Apples over the years. At one time our central office was all Mac and we used Microsoft Mail on a Mac server. It was pre-internet and very reliable. Now the pendulum has swung the other way and we may have two or three Macs and the rest are PCs.

I have a small collection of old Macs and Apple LaserWriters found at thrift stores, in addition to my phone collection. I too like WE phones and the history of the company. I had an uncle who worked for Southern Bell and it was a special place from what I've heard and read. My favorite WE phones are the ones from the 1950s. Like Apple, they've made some very interesting products over the years.

Doug Rose

Eric ...welcome to the is a great place...Doug

Greg G.

Interesting.  My phone bug was an offshoot also, of my interest in antiques in general.  Now it's overshadowed most everything else.  Welcome to the forum!
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