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Hello from Leiden, the Netherlands

Started by Matilo Telephones, November 15, 2013, 03:55:19 PM

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Matilo Telephones

Hello all,

My name is Arwin and I have been collecting Rotary telephones for years. My first Phone was a Heemaf 1955 deksphone. I got it from a building that was due to be demolished. In that building the red cross chapter of my home city was housed. I was a long lime member of the youth section. Had a great time there, learned a lot, lovely friends. Made a lot of Phone calls on that Phone.

Still love that type. I collect all variants of it. There are more than you might think.

I also have a weaknes for the Ericsson 1931 and the W28 and it´s variants. I collect phones that were used in the Netherland, so Dutch built phones, but also a lot of Belgian phones, German phones an Swedish phones were used here.

Besides that I collect red telephones and I often buy phones that intrigue me of interest me.

I love restoring them. As I buy and restore far more phones than I need, I sell them on the internet. I love buying en selling them and I meet a lot of different sorts of people that way. And my phones go all over the country, the world even. Some end up in museums and one even was exhibited at the Words fair in Shanghai.

I hope I can contribute here and of course I have a lot of questions.




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Welcome to the forum Arwin.  The members here love to see pictures of collections, so please feel free to post pictures of your phones.




Hi Arwin:

Welcome to the Forum! Glad to see another member from the Netherlands! Remco is our other Netherlands member, teka-bb. Remco runs the Dutch Online Telephone Museum:

The Telephone Museum of Prince Edward Island:
Free Admission - Call (902) 651-2762 to arrange a visit!
C*NET 1-651-0001


welcome to the forum and hope to see some of your telephones, Gregg

Matilo Telephones

Well here is some of my handywork. A Siemens & Halske W28 from 1934. In very good condition, all Original down to the last little screw. Completely taken apart, everything cleaned, polished, buffed up etc.

Almost new, yet it also shows it's age. Hope this post works.


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nice phone anyway welcome to this forum

Matilo Telephones

Thanks Denis!

By the way, your facebook account has suddenly vanished. What is the matter?



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Russ Kirk

- Russ Kirk

Doug Rose

Arwin...welcome to the is the place to be if you like old phones.....Doug




Welcome to the forum.  I don't speak a word of Dutch, but my grandfather was born in Rotterdam.  I am told that my last name is common in the Netherlands.  Also, we have another Dutchman here by the name of Remco.


-Bill G

Matilo Telephones

Thanks everyone.

Yes Bill, I actually met some people with that last name.

I did notice Remco is a member. I had some limited contact in the past with him, although we never met face to face.


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And I am on facebook too: