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Original GPO Sales Brochures??

Started by maxmix, January 12, 2014, 05:17:29 PM

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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone knows when the GPO sold phones way back in the day, did the GPO have sales brochures for their Phones??

I'm talking about the 706, 746, The Trimphone (712/722), The 741 & The Compact phone/s (776)

Anyone know, any information??

Cheers ;D
So, what's all this about Phones???


There are some poor quality photos of leaflets included with the phone photos here:
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So, what's all this about Phones???


There used to be the Green Pages in the middle of the Telephone Directory showing the exciting range of Telephones and Wallphones available.

I think the first phones offered for sale were the Snowdon Collection / Phoenixphone version of Trimphones in 1982. Before then all phones were rented.