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Does anyone know anything about a Western Electric U4 Receiver Element?

Started by Anything Old, October 01, 2016, 02:11:06 PM

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Anything Old

Hello antique phone lovers, I am new to this and still learning to navigate my way around this forum. I have searched high and low for weeks and have been unsuccessful in finding a WE "U4" receiver element or any information on what type of phone they were used in. They are Identical in appearance to the U3 & U5, they even have U3 embossed on the back, BUT also have U4 stamped on  the back in white ink. Everyone that Ive asked including other antique phone shops say they are all the same and it doesn't matter or are dumbfounded by the question. They are not the same. Maybe the U1 U2 U3 & U5 are but the U4 is different, it has an Ohm reading across the terminals of a 140 +/- Ohms and is more sensitive and louder. The rest of the U family read about 35 Ohms +/-. I keep thinking maybe these were used in Hearing Impaired WE phones, or the handsets with volume control on it??? Anyone that has one of these for sale, knows how to obtain one, or any info on this mystery U4 and what particular model type phone these came out of would be more than greatly appreciated     ???


A good resource is the Telephone Collectors International Library ( You can do a "google search" (drop-down tab under search tab) at that site for "U4 receiver." Here is one result:

Table B (G3-type handsets) and Table C (G5-type handsets) list some of the uses for the U4 receiver unit.

610-type telephone sets; 700 series key equipment
112A key equipment

FAA and private line systems
2- and 4-wire private line stations
102-type key equipment
No. 300 switching system
617-type telephone set
Command Post Alerting Nework (COPAN)
625-type telephone set
596E telephone set
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Table B shows various receiver units:

U4 is used "in F4- F5- and G-type [hand]sets with private wire arrangements."
"Equipped with 100A Varistor to suppress clicks. Screw-type terminals."
"600 Ohms"

(BSP Section 501-220-100 Issue 11, May 1981 in TCI Library)
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.



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Anything Old

Wow!! Thanks for all the replies & Welcomes! Finally Some guys that sound like real experienced professionals! Sorry, I posted this and then had to get back to replacing old shingles on the roof, what a pain. Well I am so excited Fellas and got to check these links out etc right now!, I tried google, maybe I didn't use the right key words or something? Probably just don't like me. Hope I can hunt one of these jewels down. Many many many thanks guys!!!  ;D