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The JKL Telephone Museum - California, Lost to Fire

Started by Ktownphoneco, September 11, 2015, 12:41:25 PM

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Doug Rose

This just breaks my heart. Those picture are a sad reality. All the work, money and love that was put into the museum. ...Doug


Looks like a double set of metal garage doors in the first picture.

But the second picture is obviously the telephone exchange that I think was in the basement or at least on the ground level of one of the buildings. That would obviously be pretty close to irreplaceable now though what, only 30 years ago available at scrap value.

Even the Seattle museum only has two bays of SxS equipment where as I think John had a much larger SxS exchange.

Like I said yesterday....What a disaster.


Greg G.

Stunned, shocked, horrified.  I too am waiting to hear what was saved.  Sad, really sad.
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Russ Kirk

- Russ Kirk


Horrible.  So sorry.  Such a huge loss.  Again, it's fortunate no one was hurt.  Like any loss of property, it is unfortunate, but irreplaceable items are the most heartbreaking.

Jim H.


Quote from: Adam on September 11, 2015, 10:05:10 PM
Here's the logo, for posterity.

Hello Adam,

The museum was destroyed in a fire but we plan to rebuild something.
We do not yet know how, where or when but the JKL Museum of Telephony aka American Museum of Telephony is here to stay.

We hope to have more news soon.

Remco, JKL Museum of Telephony Curator

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Quote from: teka-bb on September 13, 2015, 02:53:54 PM
The museum was destroyed in a fire but we plan to rebuild something.
We do not yet know how, where or when but the JKL Museum of Telephony aka American Museum of Telephony is here to stay.

We hope to have more news soon.
Wonderful news, Remco. We certainly all wish you the best of luck, and universally share the sorrow you must be feeling! On a personal note: I hope that you are doing ok. I know you personally lost a lot in the fire, as well.
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Remco, GREAT NEWS. PLEASE post as soon as you can as to the disposition of the recused items. I know you have a lot on your plate. Just such a tragic happening.

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I was saddened to hear of this, like others,I never had a chance to go out and see it. Glad everyone is OK, and hopefully they were in fact able to rescue the rarer stuff in the few hours before the fire. Those pictures break my heart, especially all that switching equipment.


Indeed, great news, Remco. Just glad you're OK!

BTW, when I said, "here's the logo for posterity," I meant "the posterity of this message thread", not that the logo and/or the museum would never be back.
Adam Forrest
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Posted by Remco on the TCI List:

The JKL Museum of Telephony wants and needs your help and assistance in restoring the JKL Museum for the benefit of all who are interested in the preservation of telephone history.

The JKL Museum was destroyed by the northern California Butte fire on September 11, 2105. A major loss of telephone history. After the initial shock wore off, museum management decided that the JKL Museum will be rebuilt! It is a decision that has heartened and emboldened the volunteers and contributors who made the museum what it was, and we are inviting you and your friends to help us make this happen. We believe it can once again be the very best resource and repository of antique telephone equipment, advertising, library material, real working telephone switching systems, and all else telephone. We are looking to replace these losses through donations of individual items or the donation of collections that current owners would like to see become a part of the new museum.

We are seeking quality items to replace those lost in the fire.Our not-for-profit museum's official name is the American Museum of Telephony. The museum is a 501 (c) (3) organization, and all donations of any kind are tax deductible. We stand ready to negotiate the donation process with any who wish to help us in our efforts to bring to life the JKL-2 Museum. Those who wish to assist in other ways may wish to help us purchase some of the assets that otherwise might not be available. Your time and expertise would also be a way for you to help us reach our goals.

Contact us if you can help!

For contact information please see our webpage at

Remco Enthoven | Curator

American Museum of Telephony aka JKL Museum of Telephony
a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization


Thank You collector community and friends of the JKL Museum.  The outpouring of support we have received in this difficult time has been overwhelming.  It was a big loss for us and for telephone history and we are still reeling from it.  We are in the process of answering all your emails and messages,  a very large task for our volunteers and staff.

As plans for the future of the JKL Museum unfold, we will keep you informed.

Your support is appreciated and valued by all of us.

John K. La Rue

[this message was posted by Remco Enthoven, Curator of the JKL Museum of Telephony, on behalf of John K. La Rue]

Remco, JKL Museum of Telephony Curator

JKL Museum of Telephony:
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I was looking at the site and the photos of the clean up. is the museum going to stay were it is, or move to another location? and what are the results of the trailer being moved, how much damage did the switching equipment endure. can it be salvaged?


I hadn't seen the initial site cleanup pictures. Here's the link:

The one year anniversary of the fire has just passed. Remco says they are just starting to build a new museum.



Time does fly. Today marks two years since the JKL Museum was destroyed by fire.