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Alberta Government Telephones sign

Started by Sargeguy, January 20, 2016, 03:30:35 AM

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Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


Yes, it is interesting.     It's also one of the few times I'd have to agree with the seller stating that the sign is "rare".     The maker, Acton Burrows Ltd., was located in Toronto, and made metal / porcelain signs for a number of businesses, including railways and telephone companies.      The company went out of business in 1920, so the sign Greg has posted from eBay, is at least 95 to 96 years old.

Jeff Lamb


At least the eBay listing doesn't say "only one in existence".

That is a nice sign, I have admired it many times. Not "that one" (on eBay), "this one" (belongs to a friend of mine here in Vancouver):


PS: Had to do some editing to get the picture to not be rotated 90 degrees when I posted it and I see that I cut the Acton Burrows Toronto mark off of the bottom.