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Posting Copyright JPG files

Started by Babybearjs, January 12, 2016, 07:21:39 PM

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Dennis, I wanted to include what I assume is a copyrighted JPG of the old W.E. logo from the 1980's... when I tried to include it in my post, it failed....  are certain JPG files locked out of your system???

Dennis Markham


No.  There have been photo "issues" for a while and much said about them.  Check the size first.  Often over sized photos will be rejected.

You may be able to find some discussions regarding Adobe photo products and meta-data problems in this area:

If a photo you tried to upload was rejected it was not because of any prohibition for uploading copyrighted photos.


I rarely have issues with pictures posting. A few times I had an issue when posting several so I post with just 1 and add the rest 1 at a time. Only once or twice I had to make a picture smaller.
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