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A.E LPC72-55 Teltronics wiring

Started by Russ62, October 31, 2015, 01:37:32 AM

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Hi,   I have an A.E touch tone 3 slot  with the blue Teltronics PPC-2A circuit board, and wondered if anyone has one of these with the connections to the handset and single coil lower relay are still wired in as removed from service configuration. I have the schematic to the version with the original A.E circuit board but they're apparently wired slightly differently on the back board, and the original Teltronics schematics are hard to locate.   I mainly need to know which color wires go to which numbered terminals on the coin relay and which are insulated and stored.  When wired like the the original A.E. version and tested with a known good LPC72-55 top it doesn't work properly. I would also like to verify that a jumper goes from CR to CT on the pcb which it came with, unlike the original A.E circuit board which doesn't use it on touch tone.               Russell


Uasually the colored wires are the same as AE,that jumper is used for a common connection for the handset rec and tx 3 wires can be used instead of 4.

Jim Stettler

Russell, This may be of no help, however it might serve as a guide to point you in the right direction.
I have an AE  with tag LPB-86-55. The teltronics board is a SPC-1B1, The coin board is SP105C (micro switch vs typical  coin  relay). The wiring on the coin board  is:
1 orange to O on main board (soldered)
2 blue wire to B on main board (soldered)and white wire to G (Ground?) on main board {(screw terminal) between L1 and L2}
3. Yellow wire soldered- Insulate and store
4.Green wire soldered - Insulate and store
5. Slate wire to S on main board (soldered)

There is a blue jumper between CR and CT.

I know the only  match is an AE phone and a teltronics board, however many times the color code stays the same. This phone is wired for home use and it appears the wiring has not been tampered with,however I don't know for sure.
Good luck,
Jim S.
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I have an LPC72-55 with a Teletronics board, but mine is missing the relay, and has the wires snipped. :/
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I'm wondering about this too; I'd love to know if the teletronics board uses the original AE relay assembly with the same wire colors or changes it in some way. Mine with the snipped wires has more wires snipped than the AE diagram shows going to the relay.
My name is Kenn, and I like telephones.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." --Robert Heinlein

Stan S


By definition an LPC 72-55 is a 10 cent Touch Tone PREPAY 3-slot. Teltronics manufactured both replacement electronic boards and an aftermarket replacement coin relay for both the Touch Tone (LPC72) and the rotary (LPC82) 3-slots.

Either the original AE relay or the aftermarket coin relay could be used with the original electronics or the Teltronics 'blue boards'.

Below is a video showing a functioning Teltronics aftermarket coin relay and 'blue board' in a rotary LPC 82-55. The relay operates exactly the same in the Touch Tone model. 

The beauty of the aftermarket assembly is that unlike the original AE coin relay there are no mechanical adjustments that have to be made to it.



Stan S


If the video won't play using the links on the last posting try the one below.
I had to copy and republish the video.
Different format-some fun!


Links worked just fine for me, Stan.

So, if I'm understanding things correctly, the Teltronics board can be used with either the original AE relay assembly or with a Teltronics replacement unit? That simplifies things. Now I need to find one!
My name is Kenn, and I like telephones.

"Progress isn't made by early risers. It's made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something." --Robert Heinlein

Stan S

You are correct.
You should be able to get that payphone rebuilt easily.  You'll have to pull out all the junk like the ringer with its capacitor.  Replace the destroyed hopper and add a common four terminal single coil coin relay.

That payphone originally had an AE relay, not the aftermarket Teltronics.  The aftermarket Teltronics required a double coil type coin hopper. Not the one in your payphone. All the leads that connect to the coin relay seem to be there.