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Which vault door?

Started by Stan the Man, March 15, 2016, 10:08:23 PM

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Stan the Man

OK so I've been looking for a while and I'm confused as to which vault door fits my phone.. I would rather not trust an eBay seller to tell me if it fits or not..
It's AE, can it be that simple? Were there different styles?


Stan S

Yes, there are different style vault doors-only one style AE. Recessed circle around the key way.
The problem isn't getting an AE vault door. There are plenty of them around. The problem is getting the 10L lock that they used. They have become extinct.
Don't buy a door unless it comes with a lock and best case 2 keys.
Make sure the lock hasn't been opened and releavered. Is that a word?
See attached picture.
Yes, it's pink!
Stan S.


Why is a releavered lock bad?

Stan S

I only know of two individuals who properly releavered 10L locks in the past. All the proper pins and ALL the properly numbered leavers. Locks opened and closed as smooth as silk. Unfortunately, the best of these two craftsman passed away. His name was Paul Vaverchak. The second best guy got lazy and doesn't do them anymore-me.

The releavered locks I see today are junk. Most of the time they only have one or two leavers with the slots widened out. Then a washer and a coil spring slid over the post on top of the leavers to put backwards pressure on them. If the orphaned key (keys) they used don't match the pins, they just dump the pins in the garbage. Then they pop the cover back on and it's off to Ebay. PURE CRAP!

If the key and the lock number don't match, unless you have xray vision you don't know what you're getting and you probably don't want it!