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Western Electric Award in Lucite

Started by Fabius, May 30, 2016, 11:17:25 PM

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Saw this come up on eBay buy it now for $20 and free shipping:

Interesting information about it from the seller:

I own an advertising specialty company - now in our 37th year I am happy to report - and worked in the industry for many years prior to establishing my own firm.   For many years our best client was what was formerly known as "The Bell System".   Of course after divestiture it was broken up into what was generally called the "Baby Bells" - and later morphed into many variations.

So over the years we worked very closely with Western Electric, AT&T, Southern Bell, Lucent Technologies, OFS, Avaya, etc.   I collected many over-run samples, one-or-a-kind spec samples, and the likes.

I am now selling much of those items via eBay.  Here is an unusual sample I produced for Western Electric's Southern Region in 1979.   Southern Region was located on Roswell Road in Atlanta and we did many projects for them over the years.   

My friend and one of my primary contacts there was Mr. Dan W.   As I recall this project, Dan wanted an unusual item to commemorate the groundbreaking of a new distribution center in Mississippi.   The event was scheduled for September of 1979.

Dan wanted to use gold plated rotary dials that featured custom printed inserts with information about the occasion.     He wanted us to embed them in lucite and that would be the gift.

Although lucite embedment has improved since 1979, at the time it was very much an trial-and-error method to be sure that an item would embed properly.   So Dan gave me two pieces which I forwarded to my supplier to see if the project was feasible.   It was and W.E. used them for the event.

This was one of those trial pieces from 1979 to see if it would work.

Over the years it has lost a bit of its sheen, but still carries the theme    According to my supplier - who is still in business today - it can be buffed up to regain its original luster.   However, I prefer it with this old patina personally.   Of course the gold plated dial embedded is in perfect shape as nothing has touched it for 37 years.

This is a very rare find for the former Western Electric employee or collector of old Bell System / telephone memorabilia.

Tom Vaughn
La Porte, Indiana
ATCA Past President
ATCA #765
C*NET 1+ 821-9905


That's a beautiful award. I bought something from the same seller back in March. He's a really nice guy--wrote me a nice email after I bought the lot of items. In the items was this unique Southern Bell calculator with buttons shaped like 2500 sets. It was cheap and I couldn't resist it. It's solar and works fine.