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1920's Bell Telephone Co. of Canada Sign

Started by ....., March 14, 2017, 05:09:19 PM

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Found this sign on Kijiji here in Canada. Not sure if it is real or not, but they have it priced like it is. They are asking $750.00 CDN

Here is what the ad says.

This is a 1-sided porcelain "Bell Telephone Company....Business Office" porcelain sign. It has a 1" lip around the outside edge and the holes to mount are on the side of the sign. Look at the pics to see what I am talking about. Its weathered a bit but it is a VERY hard sign to find so if you are a collector of telephone items you will want this in your collection.
It is 25"W x 33"H


Looks genuine.  I'm not sure what the current exchange rate is but I'm pretty sure it isn't worth $750 CDN. 
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


$750 CDN is about $557 USD. I agree with Greg sign seems legit. It doesn't look like a porcelain sign. Maybe enamel paint on metal? Still a good looking sign. Value? $150 - $200 USD? More if porcelain.
Tom Vaughn
La Porte, Indiana
ATCA Past President
ATCA #765
C*NET 1+ 821-9905