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Booth Early Dial Instruction Signage - Real?

Started by RotarDad, March 27, 2017, 11:28:32 PM

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Payphone installer

Back in the early 80's when I was working as a residence installer all we had left were two party lines. I am not sure that Cincinnati Bell ever had more then that.
Party line Two party
So I can tell you how it worked. If I recall the first party was wired from tip to ground and the second party was wired from ring to ground.

The Central Office applied ring current to the ring side to ring for the first party,ringing to ground instead of from ring to tip. Ring is red wire green is tip. right, ring, red, ridge is the term we used.

The second party was called by sending ring current out from the CO on the tip side of the line ringing the phone from tip to ground. If you plugged in a phone that did not have the ringer wired for ground both parties would ring the phone.

You wired the sets special to ring to tip or ring. you also had to go out to the cross connect where the
  main and local cable meet and install a field brige which was one main set of wires attached to two pairs or two sets of wires. normally there was one main pair one local pair.

Here is a picture of the photoshopped sign framed over the original sign and a framed picture from Ron's payphone book (page 133), mounted next to a Gray payphone and two booth signs I have in a


Doug Rose

Chuck.....looks GREAT! a great display area....Doug