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Resto projects---Uniphone, Stromberg, Kellogg

Started by tallguy58, April 10, 2017, 11:29:39 AM

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These are heading to the trash. Figured I'd offer them up to a brave soul.

NE manual Uniphone, no handset. Chips at 2 corners.

Stromberg 1244. No guts. Was once a  Frankenphone. Repainted terribly.

Kellogg Select-O-Phone redbar in brown. No cords or modular interior pieces (coil etc.).

Probably suited for a local (Toronto) collector. Don't think postage is worth it for this crap.


I was interested until I saw that it'd be international postage. It's too bad USPS flat rate boxes don't work across the border!

That Select-o-Phone in particular is a nifty piece. I might be interested in it even with the absurd international shipping rates.
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If someone wants them for free then let me know by PM....Thanks

Doug Rose

Bill....unless that Brown Red Bar has a damaged body, it is a keeper. Just buy a broken Red Bar that always turn up cheap on eBay and take the guts. The dial won't work, but the chrome finger wheel is a beauty. I would just give this away.....Doug