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United Utilities System Public Telephone porcelain sign circa ?

Started by rfkimba, May 09, 2017, 03:12:46 AM

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Hi Friends,
I was offered the above very nice condition  11x11 independant porcelain flange sign for $150. I am trying to gather information on when it was produced and its approximate retail value. I was able to find one identical image of the sign in .
Any feedback would be most appreciated.
Bob Farber


Looks mint.  It is a nice example of a fairly common sign.  Lesser examples can be had for cheaper, but if you want a nice example of this, you might want to jump on it.  I don't collect signs from this era, or from independents, but if I did I would feel comfortable buying it.  It is not overpriced and there are not a lot of them around in this condition.
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409