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Who am I and what am I doing here?

Started by TaylorStreet, April 21, 2017, 03:25:01 PM

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New poster here - the name's Bob.  I've not specifically been into phones prior to this, but ran into a bit of a 'honey hole' - an accumulation of old equipment that a phone co. warehouse worker pulled off the techs' truck after home removals in the 50s&60s and stuck up on a shelf.  So now I have several boxes of candlesticks, wall phones, signs and other stuff.  (And yes, I paid a fair price for it)  Now I need to learn about what I have and what goes with what, so expect to see a couple 'wazzis?' threads in the near future from me.


Hi Bob, welcome to the forum.

Your story reminds me of our member MagicMo who ended up with a stash and didn't know what she had but became very much aware of some old phone item values when the she sold a complete Model 1 Picture Phone on eBay for over $20,000.

Don't expect that but you never know. When you get to them, what works best is one topic per phone so they can be kept straight and probably the best place to post them is in

to show what you have and ask questions about it. There are topics for signs, candlesticks and other stuff you may have so you could also post the specific items in those topics. The catch all would be above.

If you have any problems posting pictures to the forum, these is a whole topic on that including how to get around the infamous "Security Error" when trying to post photos from smart phones.

Or just ask or send me a PM.

Enjoy the forum, the best place in the world for the discussion of old phones and old phone items.


Welcome to CRPF. A lot of great people here with lots of knowledge. Your in the right place and we will find out who you are in due time.


TP - I'm afraid I don't live 'right-enough' to have the pile include a PicturePhone.  Or twelve.

Probably the best item in the accumulation is a candlestick stationmaster's phone on a scissors-mount with a cowbell ringer box and watchcase receiver.  The wood ringer box is die-stamped "NPRY", which in this area (WA state) usually means Northern Pacific Railway. 

At any rate, thanks for the welcome!



Quote from: TaylorStreet on April 21, 2017, 05:33:45 PM
TP - I'm afraid I don't live 'right-enough' to have the pile include a PicturePhone.  Or twelve.

Yes, we all wish for that kind of find but there's a better chance of getting hit by lightning, heck, winning the PowerBall lottery than finding one of these. Maybe even winning PowerBall 3 times in a row.

It was the subject item of Auction Contest 83 back in January 2013 which turned into an 11 page topic with a lot of good discussion on the Picture Phone. If you care

and then there is the 20 page topic dedicated to the Picture Phone (not the contest)

It's interesting reading when you have the time.


Welcome Bob, like John stated, for specific phone question, 1 phone per post but we all like pictures of phone, so sharing pictures of the whole lot is fun too.


Welcome to the wonderful world of unlimited Vintage Telephone Knowledge.
Like I always say, No pictures, it didn't happen.


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Hi Bob and welcome to the asylum. Everyone here is an addict, we all have Phoneitis, it is an incurable progressive disease and the only treatment is more phones. Take a look though the members collection pages sometime and you will see what I mean!
You have found the best forum on the web, loads of experience and knowledge here with people who love to share it.
Also - we love pictures!!
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Quote from: Dan/Panther on June 06, 2017, 11:35:02 AM

Like I always say, No pictures, it didn't happen.


Enough about your last trip to Vegas D/P!

Welcome to CRPF Bob!