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Even YouTube external links are subject to removal/deletion

Started by TelePlay, July 14, 2017, 03:57:21 PM

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Not sure what this all means but I found it when clicking on a YouTube link on the forum.

The link was posted by Dan on 9-20-10

which was

which when YouTube opened it gave me the following image. Never seen that before, usually just the video was removed for some reason. This image make it clear as mud that someone complained and the account was terminated. At least YouTube apologized.


At a guess, the account or video was suspended or removed due to them having something copyrighted included in this or videos (could even be as simple as having a radio on in the background, the copyright police LOVE that!), sadly resulting in youtube removing useful or entertaining videos in the process... :-\

As a youtube content creator myself, I avoid using copyrighted music, just occasionally using what I find in the youtube library for free use, I don't have any music in the background (radio, MP3, TV, etc.), and if I record anything where there is music (not that I do) I'd mute the audio and dub something over the top of it...


I agree. You have to be so careful when it comes to copyright. I go to a lot of steam rallies etc and make videos. The problem is they often have an old fairground organ playing modern music. The problem with that is the writers of the song can claim a copyright infringement.

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