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Tenite Chemical Polishing--My Guide

Started by WEBellSystemChristian, September 10, 2017, 04:11:45 PM

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First of all, how cool is it that your family goes phone hunting for you?!? Then, they find a Med Blue locally and buy it for you! ;D :o

If you're trying to completely level out the warts, you may want to start with dabbing Acetone on the warts before sanding. If you keep the surface level while the Acetone evaporates, it should melt the high spots, causing them to pool back into the low spots. Keep the surface you're about to fill in level with the ceiling, so that the liquid plastic flows into the low spot like a puddle. Wet your fingertip with Acetone (keep it fairly wet--too little and you end up with fingerprints in the plastic) and lightly dab the affected area repeatedly until the deep areas appear to be filled in. Try this out on some scrap Tenite before trying it on your Med Blue.

Denatured Alcohol is only a high gloss polishing agent for Tenite, intermediate between sanding and polishing. Acetone is more suited for liquifing plastic with damage repair, far more effective than sandpaper alone.

After the Acetone completely evaporates, I would say sand down what's left of the warts with 800, then 2000, then liquid polish. Starting with 1500 grit would be pretty miserable, especially knowing that it's more susceptible to clogging and not penetrating initially due to the waxy coating Tenite develops over time. A slightly coarser grit like 800 would be best for starting. If you're concerned with leaving a couple scratches behind after polishing, the Denatured Alcohol should take care of that.
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Thanks, Christian!  I will find some time to work on this, and I will report back.  Yes, I was very pleased to see that my family takes some interest in what interests me, and they knew what that phone was....  I was "Doug Rose Proud" of that find.... ;)


I use this technique on ABS cases. The difference is I don't use alcohol but an acetone / methylated spirit mix. The way i mix it is hold a cloth over a meths bottle and tip upside down quickly to wet the cloth. Then do the same with the acetone bottle. you now have a cloth wetted with meths that also has some acetone on it. This mix will polish ABS. However if you ahve deep scratches then use more acetone and less meths. This may give a rough surface, but use the mix after and it will level it out. There is sometimes a white bloom leftover, but the bloom can easily be removed by a quick rub with an abrasive polish. I use Brasso.

So this very similar technique can be used on the later ABS.

The question that remains is does anyone know the chemical to use to do this with Diakon?
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