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How to Upload Photos to the Forum

Started by Mark Stevens, September 07, 2008, 10:32:13 PM

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I haven't figured out a way to put a photo in a PM either.  When I have a person's e-mail, I will use that instead.
-Bill G


Just one very small limitation here I guess. We will have to live with it!



The only way to have a photo in a PM is to link it from a storage outside the pm, one from the forum, or elsewhere at the net. e.g. photobucket.

Still this forum is far more userfriendly than e.g. the yahoo forums.

(I really don't understand why Yahoo don't make that service better.)



Now your photos will have to pass a security check before they can be posted.  Good luck passing the security check because it is very tough!


I finally got some photos posted!  Before importing them to the computer, I resized them to 1280 x 1024, after that I was able to post them as usual.  I guess they were too big to get through security!