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Nicely Painted Telephones

Started by TelePlay, November 16, 2017, 09:46:26 PM

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A few years ago, the thought of painting a phone was blaspheme. Today, painting phones has increased and seems to be receiving acceptance in that these nicely painted phones do sell.

1) This is not a topic to include or show hideously painted phones, of which there are many.

2) This topic was created for members to post pictures of professionally or close to professionally painted (but not by WE or some refurb shop or other phone company) phones that are or have been offered for sale. The paint can be any color. It can be close to original or in some color not see before.

3) This topic is intended to be a showcase for newly and well painted phones made available for sale (or recently sold), a topic which any member can browse to see what has been done, has been offered for sale since the painting of phones began, about 3 years ago, and has seemingly increased over time.

I don't expect the list to grow quickly but when a well painted phone is found, please post a picture of it here so the members can see how the hobby is changing. This topic will most likely make the phone purists feel bad, sorry, just a factual inventory, not a comment.


I'll start it off with these phones that come to memory, were easy for me to find to start this topic. I've included links but if links are not known, that's fine. Just the image is enough to showcase well painted phones.


I used an old, blank topic of to create this "album" topic. This reply is to do nothing more that take it to the top of the board list and to make it pop up on member's "Recently Unread Topics"

Feel free to reply with other phones you find that fit the goal of this topic, nicely painted phones (no hideous or poorly painted stuff).


Norther Electric No. 1 desk and No. 2 wall


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Coupon Code - CRF10 (10% off)



Another Polane painted sharp looking color/trim combination from OPW




Here's a link to the white phone:

eBay description:  "This is a beautiful white/black Western Electric 302. The white was powder coated onto the metal housing by a professional. The phone has been tested, will receive calls as a single line but I cannot make outgoing calls. This is may be due to my service but I'm unsure. Please check with your telephone service if you are concerned if it may or may not work for yours."

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


This one isn't as pretty as the other shown here, but I let it looked nice when the paint was fresh:

I would guess--through visual, self-diagnosed carbon dating--that the custom paint must be somewhere between 41 and 43 years old. Of course, you could always take a stab at the fact that the Bi-Centennial was 42 years ago... ;D

Still, I'd bring it back to factory finish if I had it. The mural is past it's prime at this point...
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Tony Stokes

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Very nicely powder coated 302 created by mazda_matt of OldPhoneWorks.

As Matt explained, "No plating was involved in painting this phone. The chrome, tint and clear coat are all powder coated on. This process is quite rare as its very labor intensive since every bump, nick or divot either needs to be sanded & filled or it will show through."

Powder coating is the ultimate way to "paint" for durability and range of creative color and finish variations.