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Intermountain Telephone Company flange Ebay #222824466861

Started by rfkimba, February 05, 2018, 05:57:53 AM

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Hi Guys,
I compared the photos of this 11x11 flange on Ebay in excellent condition  to a picture of the  same sign in Bob Alexanders A Collectors Guide to Antique Porcelain Enamel Telephone Signs V3. The  colors   don't quite match the book .  Does this sign look like the real thing to those who have seen it before?
Bob Farber


Intermountain telephone kingsport Tn  I have a sign like the one posted.I  remember seeing them when in Kingsport into the 70s
There is also a hubcap sign with a blue long distance sign.


The eBay sign is the real thing. Many of the pictures in Bab's books are enhanced.
This is the more scarce 11x11 sign. $150+ The 16x16 is more common. While neither of these are considered rare I don't recall seeing these show up on eBay all that often.

I believe this company became part of United Telephone.
Tom Vaughn
La Porte, Indiana
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Intermountain Telephone in Kingsport  became United Intermountain .Some locals called it intermittant telephone.Main exchange was CIrcle 5 or 7.Had XY switch.Had old tones also.Grandparents had an Ericophone,SC 1243 and a NE500 set.I still have the 1243. Jacks were 1/4 TRS .