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Hi from north Atlanta GA

Started by PhilFone, June 10, 2018, 09:45:29 PM

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Thank you Dennis for the add to the "asylum"(stole that from someone here, ha!) I'm hardly a collector, compared to many here, but I enjoy the few phones I "collected". I found this site after searching for another OKI phone, which needs pro help on how or if I should proceed to reassemble it(brave soul that I am). I think these are all my phones, attached here. I love the lighted dial phones and princess phones. My buddy's dad worked for Bell Telephone in Michigan(where I'm from) - now passed away, James Ensminger. I alway enjoyed seeing the new phones he would sometimes get,  as Bell Tel gave them to some of their technicians to test. I still think of my phone number as Lincoln 1-2475..and remember party lines, operator assistance, and visiting the Bel Telephone offices at Southfield Road. So here I am, messing with a pre-WWII antique...and will post photos of my challenge. This site is a black hole in interests/areas to explore! I'm happy to be a reader, even if I may not contribute much. :-)


Welcome to the obsession. Old phones are fun to collect and to work on.


Thank you, i can see where it became an addiciton - so much good help and good people here.


Welcome! and you already have contributed...
The stories are just as important as the rest of it. :D


Welcome to the Rotary Phone Forum! As has already been mentioned, we all like the stories and pictures. Helping with problems and repairs isn't the only way members contribute here.



Welcome! As already stated, we LOVE pictures! You have already made a good post. A warning: telephone collecting is an addiction, named Phoneitis. Be careful, you appear to be on the way to full blown addiction! The only treatment is this forum and buying more phones. Don't forget about all the "go-withs". Things like phone tools, mini phones, catalogs, phone books, phone booths, switching equipment, the list goes on & on! You have found the best forum on the web. Keep posting!
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*Warning. Finding CRPF can be hazardous to your pocket!*
(My collection is easily four times the size it was than when I first discovered this site).  :o

Lots of good info here. Welcome.  :)
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Welcome!  Keep an eye on Craigslist, there will be some to pop up from time to time.
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Welcome Phil? As stated we like pictures & stories. We also wish we had more room for our collections. a lot of us were ok on room before we where exposed to phones we had to have, after seeing them on the forum. 


Welcome to CRPF.

Doug Rose

Hey Phil....Welcome to the Forum. Great group of guys and gals who like Vintage Telephones.  Everyone is treated with respect and no question is a dumb question. Welcome....Doug


RB/AE_Collector(Terry)/Oldguy/Duffy/Doug Rose/19and41 and anyone else who managed to take a moment for the welcome. There's so many new members, so I'm humbled by more than one reply to my new member status.

Ok, you guys are bad! I have a very small collection of other stuff that helped me get through a few bumps in the road of life. I discovered thrifting and Craigslist which re-awakened my mid-century interests that go back to my teen years but some other preceeding decade, too(industrial and archectural designs). I found myself healed by adopting radios(a few flip-clock types), stereo consoles, blenders, hand mixers, pots and pans(don't ask, they were just heavy duty nice and we replaced our long-overdue for replacement Revere Ware)...cameras, long-playing hi-fi and mostly stereo records, a few clocks, and baking dishes(Corningware), one 1964 Imperial Frigidaire refrigerator, baking forms(LOTS),and furniture(picked up some Mobler Danish modern bookcases and similar coffee table).

Like some of you or many of you, projects are stacked and calling my name, "Phil, Phil, Phil?" I'd like to have a few phones, not a loadful. And I have been promising myself to do more art(another chapter of my education that was left behind).  I just don't have that deep or wide of interest in many phones..but  I might make be eating my words, sooner than later. Either way, there's a lot to explore here, and thank you!

Phoneitis. I know Merriam-Webster found this group first before they published it. They did, right? :-)


Welcome to the forum!



DSK - Thank you! You live in one of the most beautiful countries.



Welcome to the asylum.


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