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CL Training set in NC

Started by Pourme, July 26, 2018, 04:11:10 AM

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About a hour's drive from me, I'm not interested in this and I have no connection to the seller. Someone here may be interested. For $125.00 it looks to be a deal, if you can pick it up in NC.

The phrase Tele trainer is not used but, may describe it.

I thought I would bring it to the attention of the forum for discussion and possibly someone may be interested in purchasing.

The description reads as follows:
"Professional classroom teaching aide. (Technical Engineering, Inc., Nashville TN.) Three rotary/push button desk phones, with receptionist switching phone in a quality made wooden box covered in orange Formica. Professional built portable teaching unit used to instruct students on how to properly answer a business phone and route calls to individuals. Each of four phone cords is 20 feet long with gold plated connectors. One desk top speaker and one phone jack with PBX terminals included in box. No damage to any components. Minor stain on orange Formica carrying crate. All items are self-contained within the box and show little use. Box has stainless handles, brass clasps and piano hinge. Box is heavy, can only ship C.O.D., or you pick up. Teaching aide from local NC community college."


Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service