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Some items I found this summer

Started by Charles Davis, November 20, 2018, 08:02:32 PM

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Charles Davis

I found this cast metal Bell logo at the Cherry Street Antique Mall in Tomball, TX.  The circle has a 48 inch diameter, and the whole thing weighs about 40 pounds.


I found the smaller of these badges at an antique show in Huntsville, TX and the larger one on eBay.  Both are made of white metal with an enamel face.



Outstanding finds, good job shopping Charles.


What is the significance of the string pentagram in the logo ?

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Charles Davis

The strings between the mount points were intended to help me line up the mount points on the circle with the mount points on the bell.  I had in mind binding the two together with four pieces of mild steel (each piece having a hole to align to the mount point of the circle and another hole to align with a mount point on the bell).  That way I could move the thing around as a unit instead of as two pieces.