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Started by skucera, January 14, 2018, 01:43:23 AM

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Here we are a year later and I finally have the equipment in my garage and basement.  It's actually been here since early November, but with helping my mom move into an "active retirement" facility and with the holidays I haven't had the leisure time to dig the phones out and start researching them.

Oh, and it isn't just phones.  My stepdad had lots of tools, manuals, and other memorabilia too.  For example, he's got a commemorative wall clock that he got for being with Pacific Bell/Pacific Northwest Bell/US West/Qwest.  There are also helmets, manuals, work bags, etc.  It's like everything that was about to be thrown away ended up being taken home one bit at a time.

Anyway, I'll be using the "Telephone Tools & Tool Identification" subforum to help identify 80% of this stuff.  That starts as soon as the battery is charged for my camera.  Thanks in advance for your help to come.



We look forward to seeing the pictures Scott.   

Jeff Lamb


I've got the first two phones in there now.  I think one may be a Western Electric model 653-A, but I have no idea what the other might be.



welcome Scott! I'm John here in Boise. if you are in Oregon, try to connect with Phil McCarter. He was last known working in the Corvallis CO. He has quite the setup! you'd like it!