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Hi Everyone

Started by captroosh, February 18, 2019, 11:22:24 AM

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I've been on here for about a week. I want to thank everyone for being so welcoming and helpful. I've always loved phones. Since I was a kid, We had and I still have a 500 series rotary phone that was sort of an extra that had never been hooked up. As a teen I eventually figured how to wire it up. I have not really added to that until this week so I guess I am now an official Rotary Dial Phone Collector and hobbyist. Albeit a new one. I never really started investigating them until now my new acquisition,  what I thought was a WE 302 but have learned is a 306. I'm learning a great deal here. I managed to get the phone working except for the ringer which I hope to get going today with advice I have already received from some of you. Thanks again.
Capt. Roosh.
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They are a good bunch on here. Amazing amount of good collective knowledge.

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Doug Rose

Welcome to the Forum Capt.....Doug


Welcome capt. it's a fun place. You'll get a lot of help.


Capt welcome, if it's telephones you like, you found the right place here...