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New member from NC

Started by loblolly986, August 08, 2019, 12:25:18 AM

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I've been lurking/reading on here for several weeks now and decided to join. I have an appreciation for just about anything old/antique in general but there are certain areas that I have developed a deeper interest in, and old phones are one of them. That started some 11-12 years ago with finding an old early-to-mid-'80s WE 2500 in the attic and researching it online. I then came into others that were also from the family, a family member got me my first rotary phone (an avocado green modular 500) off eBay back before we had an eBay account of our own, and I eventually began accumulating more. I don't have a large collection, mostly acquired locally from thrift and antique stores in addition to the ones from the family, and not a lot that's particularly interesting - largely run-of-the-mill modular-corded sets - but I'll spring for the occasional interesting set as finances and opportunities allow.

Other particular collecting interests of mine include locks (particularly Master Lock items - I'm one of the rare collectors to give this company's undeservedly neglected early products their due), antique electrical devices (lamp sockets, switches...), light fixtures and appliances, pre-2000s vintage cell phones, clocks/watches/timers, and cameras.

The Bell System Memorial website and Paul-F's great site have been go-to reference/historical information sources for my telephone interest since approximately the beginning, and this forum has proven itself to be a great source of information as well.




From one North Carolinian to another...

Welcome to the forum!

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Welcome Zachary! We love pictures, please post some of you collection. There is a topic for non phone stuff, some of your other interests may fit there also.
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Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.
There's a lot of things to learn here..


Welcome! Would love to see some photos of your phones as well. Don't worry if there modular corded sets, we all have our interests they're special enough to you, that's what matters and we will enjoy them with you. One of my current favorites I have is a white GTE 80E with green facemat. There's absolutely nothing special about it, 80Es were cost reduced models of the older 80, and I got it for no reason other than it was cheap, filthy, and it tugged my heart strings to see it in such a sad state.  So I got it and gave it a good cleaning and now it's sitting pretty on my desk. It's still not perfect, it has cracks in the dial, is a little yellowed, and has other signs it was very well used over it's life, but they add to the character and hint at the history of it.  And now it's all clean again and gets to keep being a useful working phone, and I don't even usually like white :)