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new member with four multi-line phones

Started by allnumbedup, December 19, 2019, 09:04:57 AM

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I just joined after visiting this site for years. Just by my snooping around, you all have helped me get my AD1W Trimline and Princess phones lit up, my WE 2500 ringing, my AE Payphone a new dial finger wheel and (sadly) identify my Leich candlestick as a frankenstien phone. The other phone I have is a beautifully restored 102 I probably bought off one of you.  I recently joined to post questions about restoring the four multi-line phones I have pictured with this post. I started out just wanting to replace the cracked shell of a 1970's WE 565 which is phone#1.  I had this rewired by a retired WE guy in the 1990's but then, wound up on a ebay buying spree after learning some about dates, markings and technical stuff. I got drawn in but didn't pay alot for any of these phones.  These phones get heavier and more complicated from #1 to #4.  #3 looks to me to be upgraded from an older model with two buzzers and #4 is AE with a mechanical exclusion button that I am guessing is a mute. I will post my questions in the appropriate threads, except for this one. My plan is to remove the  Amphenol cord (and save em), wire their networks up as standard land lines, then run a power line using a converted cell phone transformer to the keys to light them up (as I did for my Trimline and Princess phones). My question is--- will I still be able to get help when I need it from experts with these type of phones? I ask because the key system folks seem a dedicated lot, and I fear I may be shunned for committing a transgression or mistake by not jumping in with a 1A2 system.  thank you for all your past and future guidance! JC
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Doug Rose

Welcome to the Forum.  If you love vintage telephones, this is the place to be....Doug


Heck yea, bring it on. I got a truck full of 2565 years ago, didnt have the first clue what to do with them.
After years of messing around with them I built my own key system unit. This was well before the divestiture, so as far as I knew this stuff was not readily available to John q public.

Jim Stettler

I think you will be able to get help here.
There is also a group of telephone "Switchers"  (affiliated with the TCI telephone club).
Those guys homebrew all sorts of phones and systems. I had always assumed they were purists, so it was a big surprise to see that most of there displays had some homebrew equitiment going on.
I went to the Mattoon  IL show in Sept. Most everyone there were "switchers" It was a small show and a fun time.
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welcome to the forum! #2 is a Automatic Electric #86. the rest look to be Western Electrics, or ITT phones.  I have my whole home wired for these and absolutely love them... fun to tinker with because of the options available to add to these. (buzzers, buttons, speakers, etc.) as far as the brains for the system... you need what is call a "KTS" or commonly known as a "Key Telephone system" go to and look around... that is the telephone library and all the info on these are on hand in PDF formats... ask any of us about your concerns and we'll do our best to help you out. As for me, I changed out the cords on all mine to a more friendly setup, I use Network Cords that I make up for my own system...  so feel free to ask anything you need to know.... its alot of work, but its a real fun hobby! and useful!