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AE 96-E-10 won't dial out

Started by elktonjohn, January 02, 2021, 09:11:33 PM

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Hello, I've got this AE 96E10 which appears to be unmolested but it will not dial out...and no clicking noise in receiver when dial is spun. I can dial out by tapping the lever/arm and I can call the line and it will pick up incoming calls...won't ring of course but I can get voice in and out but not in the desired fashion. The coin receiver will gong on a quarter, ring twice on a dime but a nickel goes straight into coin return slot. It is pretty clean inside, and while I'm not appears to have all the original parts. It's a beauty, has 2 decent keys and the vault are some pics of the inside...maybe you all can see something that I'm missing...or maybe I just need to remove and clean the dial mechanism? Any help appreciated, thanks, John


Loose wire has been re-attached...still not working

Doug Rose

Please post a pic of the back of the dial.

Welcome to the Forum....Doug


Last pic for now, vault door is off to the side....pretty little booger eh?


Thanks for the welcome, and the info...hope this isn't a "frankenphone"...


If you meant the actual backside of the dial'll take a few minutes but if you want to see it, I think I can safely unscrew all the coin drop stuff without doing anything stupid. Then again stupid come honestly for some of us.


Literally the back of the dial


Can't help you with the dial, but here is some other information on your phone.

I also attached a PDF file of a AE manual with a wiring diagram of your phone.


the 10  in the model number refers to a dime do dial .The dial might be shunted until a dime is deposited.


Thanks for the links Duffy, I had seen them before but I'll dig deeper into the thread you left...and I've tried using coins to get it going but no joy, however it does help to know what the "10" stands for and something seems a little odd with the way the coin hits the trip arm which jiggers with the relay...I need to leave the whole thing open, wire the connections so the whole phone will operate in two seperate pieces and watch what it tries to do....crazy fool thing. does anyone think it just needs to have the rotary dial section pulled and cleaned out?


Hi, This phone is quite original. The dial  is not shunted by a coin. With 66, 86, or 96 series payphones, when you called some one, the pots phone line used to reverse polarity and the  lower relay would shunt the transmitter. you could hear them but they could not hear you until you quickly inserted a dime in the case of this phone to release the transmitter. The relay at the top would reject nickles unless you called the operator where the the line did not reverse. This was so she could accept any type of coins that she could hear hitting the bell/gongs for long distance calls. On a modern pots line that usually does not reverse polarity, if the phone was wired exactly like the schematic, and the coin relay contacts were adjusted exactly like the factory [which is tricky to do] it would work just like a home phone. When I sold a similar LPB 86 I disconnected [not cut] the coin relay wires and insulated the ends. Then I wired it like an LPB 88 which is a similar phone with out a relay. This circuit includes a jumper wire to bypass the lower relay because it is in series with the talk circuit. If you could find a similar post pay schematic, maybe a 98N you could do the same thing. I believe in keeping these antiques as original as  possible. Not removing coin relays or adding an internal ringer where one wasn't originally.                                         Russ