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AE TT 3 slot pay phone

Started by oldguy, January 04, 2021, 10:52:22 PM

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I was looking at my phone to start working on it. The screws are recessed & I don't understand how to file slots in them🤔🤔?


The next closest bid should have been "$101.00".


I like those bids, I always type things like 50.55 or 101.11 instead of 50 or 100.
Early bidding does nothing but push the price up, so it's inevitable to babysit the computer or phone to place last minute bids since the formerly good working automatic bidding apps are disabled.


That's' a great bidding strategy. I always do the same thing, add a dollar and a few cents. Won many auctions by a penny or two.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Gary when I did mine, I drilled a small hole inserted a small easy out and turned it counter clock wise to lock it in, then turned to the right to back it out. I also taped the end lightly to gain grip and to help loosen the screws. That was a trick Paul Vaverchack told me to try.
It worked well enough to get the screws out and get the vaul base off the set. Then your clear to get to the lock screws to get the lock out.


I had one the would not come out, so I used a Dremel with a cutting wheel. That worked, then I filled the cuts with JB weld. Looks good as new.


I did the same as Duffy, although my screws were protruding out more. So they must have been replaced at some time.
Mark J.