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Olson Electronics Inc. Memories

Started by paul-f, May 15, 2022, 05:01:19 PM

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References to Olson Electronics have come up in a few past forum discussions.

While going through some boxes from my parents' estate, I came across a small cardboard box addressed to me from Olson Electronics and postmarked December 1966. I suspect it contained a Christmas gift or gifts for friends and family, but don't remember for sure.

Among other unrelated things, the box contained a refund certificate from Olson. In those days, we generally paid by cash, postal money order or check. Since the exact shipping wasn't known, the estimate was usually a bit high. Rather than send a cash refund, buyers got a certificate. It states:

We issue Refund Certificates on refunds of $2.99 or less. Refunds over $2.99 are made by regular bank check.

This Certificate can be sent to us with your next order and it will be accepted the same as cash, or can be returned to us for a cash refund, if you request it.

This certificate apparently fell through the cracks, so they made out.

Well, that's one way transactions were handled in the dark ages before kids had credit cards and the internet.

There were also several sealed packages in the box, each marked Olson Electronics, Inc., and containing one "Genuine Cultured Pearl," with the note, "Cultured and raised by the Pearl Master of Japan."

While looking at the 1968 catalog on-line, I found the image below, explaining the promotion. (It really didn't influence me to buy more, or even to use them as stocking stuffers. Maybe I'll give them to Chris this Christmas. ::) )

Several Olson catalogs can be found here:

ISTR another 1960s-70s electronics supplier sending packaged synthetic diamonds or some other gemstones with orders. Sound familiar?
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That's funny.  I have an Olson box sitting on the shelf in my shop.  I was shipped to me in 1975.  I bought parts from them for my projects when I was a teenager.  They had lots of good deals in their flyers.  None of the parts are still in the box, it has been repurposed.  No pearls, either.


Apparently there are "a few more" of the Olson Cultured Pearls out there, if anyone wants to add to their Olson collection.
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