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What is the value of a telephone box/carton?

Started by Kellogg Kitt, December 03, 2022, 09:12:20 PM

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Kellogg Kitt

The problem is that I have too much stuff, and these telephone boxes take up storage space.  Some of them have to go.

I am thinking of them in 4 categories:
(1) I have the telephone and the original factory box.
(2) The telephone might be considered vintage or collectible, but I have just the box, not the phone.  For example, a box for a 500 set from the early 1960s.
(3) Boxes like category 2, but the box is deteriorating or falling apart.
(4) Generic no name boxes.  I have quite a few of these that came with refurbished phones that I bought years ago.  Some of them are stamped with the model and color, but they are not factory original.  On some of them, I wrote on them and reused them for storage of a different phone.

For Category 1, I will keep those.  I think that for any vintage collectibles, it is highly desirable to have the original box.
For Category 2, I would like to be rid of them, but I can't stand the thought of just just throwing them way.  Maybe I should put them on eBay and see if anyone bites?
For Category 3 and 4, I am considering just throwing them away, but I don't feel good about it.

I have attached a few pictures just for fun.

Any suggestions or thoughts?



It's always not a good idea to quote anyone values but, this is just my opinion and doesn't necessarily mean anything. The only ones worth anything I believe would be the Petite and the Kellogg. If your serious about getting rid of them I'd just stick'em up on eBay separately with a low starting bid and see where they go. That's just my 2 cents.


I have seen similar listed on the auction site. As above, price the auction with a low start bid and see what happens.
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Quote from: 3463319 on December 03, 2022, 09:12:20 PM... these telephone boxes take up storage space.  Some of them have to go.

I fold up boxes that aren't full, so they take a lot less storage space.

I always seem to find uses for them over time -- and put labels over the marked up ends for reuse.
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Kellogg Kitt

Thanks all for the suggestions.  I will try offering on eBay those that appear to be high value, and for those that I am keeping, fold them flat for storage.



Boxes are becoming rare. In any case, in Quebec I have never seen any that were sold with a telephone except in the past when the device belonged to Belle Canada. The only box I have is an original box that contains a caramel colored Contempra and is touch-tone. All my 8 other Contempra do not have their box. But it is practical to have them. it also avoids dust when you want to store them (phones)