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W.E. Phone found at antique store

Started by shadow67, March 29, 2023, 08:35:51 AM

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Found this at a local antique shop. They want $125 for it. What do you experts think?


I think that the price is too high, but there are members on the forum who are much more knowledgeable about these multi-line phone than I.



I think that the price is too high . I have always paid $40-$45 for a model 302 phone ( It looks like a 302 with buttons ), but I would say that $60 would be a fair price if there are no missing parts on this phone .


I like the "guaranteed to work" on the price tag.  I have never seen that before at an antique store.  Most users would have a difficult time plugging it in with the cord provided.



I agree, too expensive. You can usually get the price down at those places. BTW it is a model 44X, depending on lamps & exclusion.
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I would pay it, but I'm a sucker for old rare items.  It probably should be about $75.00.  But if you really like it, grab it.  Where will you find another one quickly?



While you can replace that cord with a regular single-line type of cord, and use it as a regular phone, in order for it to work as designed, you would need a Telephone cabinet, probably 1A or 1A1.  I don't think 1A2 will work with this, unless it has been modified by Ma Bell.



I was under the impression that the WE 44x series 4 button keysets were more rare than the WE 46x 6 button keysets, harder to find and worth more.

The attached image is from paul_f's site ( )

And this one has the complete number card holder.


You can jump directly to a chart entry for most tables on the site by appending the model number to the page link -- in this case, add #440...

I agree with the condition comments, especially the condition of the cords, and the tag comments. I really enjoyed the quote, "I'd still be using but discontinued land line." Right, it looks like it just came out of service on the seller's land line.   ::)
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What is the model number and suffix on the bottom of the phone?

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I think you are correct.  Originally, they were more common, but later, most were replaced with 6 button sets and upgraded to 6 button by Ma Bell at one of their factories.