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The CRPF "Old Phones in Movies & TV" Compilation

Started by HobieSport, November 23, 2008, 01:45:19 AM

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Dave F

Here's a 660A1 Card Dialer dressed up as a futuristic Picturephone in The Duplicate Man, a 1965 episode from the original Outer Limits TV show.

Dave F

Professor Irwin Baxter (Harold Gould) takes a call on a 2565-style keyset while lying flat on his back in a parking lot in the 1976 disaster parody film The Big Bus.


Quite comical as what were the chances that someone had a hundred feet or more of Amphenoled extension cable on hand to move the key set out to the parking lot!


Dave F

Alice Gilligan (Jo Ann Pflug) and Albert T Hopfnagel (Peter Sellers) have it out in his office at fictional Vista Vue Hospital in the 1972 comedy Where Does it Hurt?  On the desk is a nice 662A1 keyset Card Dialer.

This movie has never been released in the U.S. on DVD, and the source material for these pictures is unfortunately of a lower quality.

The hospital scenes were actually filmed at Memorial Hospital (now Brotman Medical Center) in Culver City, CA, about one mile from my house.  Where Does it Hurt? is fairly obscure, and has occasionally been referred to as the worst movie that Peter Sellers ever made.  As demented as I seem to be, I thought it was hilarious.  So there!

Dave F

Linefinders in action (looped repeatedly in this image) in Pulse, an eerie 1988 movie about the power grid going berserk and becoming homicidal.  Not to be confused with an even eerier 2006 movie of the same title.

The Soph Gent

Sorry if this has been already posted.

Here are some photos of the British Pyramid Phone:

Lucy Movie - isn't that ironic?
Dial "M" For Murder


Hah -- I guess the previous post was a good one to follow up. Here are two shots from 1949's Whisky Galore!


Hi everyone,
I spotted an old wall mounted model in the last few minutes of "Bones" today. I'm not sure exactly what it was, but it def. put a smile on my face. I'm thinking it was a 40's Kellog Redbar The scene took place in the laundry room. Did anyone else notice it?


Quote from: acolabrese on September 17, 2012, 09:43:14 PM
I spotted an old wall mounted model in the last few minutes of "Bones" today. ?

Good catch. I was watching but missed it. Got it on my DVR.

Here it is. I need to set up my tripod to get a better picture. Fuzzy due to hand holding the camera.

Oh, yeah, don't know what it is. Others do, I'm sure.


I would have to say it looks like this AE model:, except the one in the TV seems to have the handset atop the unit, not hanging from the side like the one on ebay seems to be.

I also saw pictures of a SC 1250 and a redbar in my search but I discounted those because those have the dial right near the bottom of the phone, and this definitely is more towards the centre of a rectangular unit.

I'd have to think it might be a frankenphone from the props department, since to me it appears to be longer from dial to top than from dial to bottom, indicating perhaps the handset rest was put on like a hat, as the original side one was gone from their set. Curly cord too instead of the straight fabric.


Kellogg Red Bar wall phone is my best guess.  One of the phones I'm still missing from my collection.


LM Ericsson

It could be one of those North Galion wallphones?


North Galion.  This one I do have in my collection.


Quote from: wds on September 18, 2012, 06:50:40 PM
North Galion.  This one I do have in my collection.

I think that's it. Vents on the bottom, right?

Here's a better picture of the phone taken in an early in the scene with a tripod.