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The CRPF "Old Phones in Movies & TV" Compilation

Started by HobieSport, November 23, 2008, 01:45:19 AM

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Harry Truman's desk was less cluttered. He also switched to a 302 phone.


Several years ago a guy on ebay was selling an Imperial 202 he claimed he removed from the home of Mae West in the early 70's, when he was an installer.  He replaced all her phones with new Princess phones.  He said she had the cord of the Imperial tied around the leg of the bed. He said he asked the maid if Miss West was home, and she said no, but if he came back tomorrow, he could meet her.  So this, he did, and had a cup of tea with her.  He claims she said "I could have a lot of fun with you if I was younger".

Funny story I thought was worth repeating here.  There was also an Imperial on ebay for sale that claimed to have been in Cher's house....also one from Desilu about a GENUINE "Lucy" phone!

A few years ago when "Six Feet Under" went off HBO, they auctioned off a lot of the props on ebay.  They had a 2554 wall phone in their "prep" room, and I remember regretting not bidding on it.  I think it only went for about sixty bucks.
Jim H.


They use a lot of G series handsets on the new Battlestar Galactica TV show, and some sound activated navy phones as well.  Some of the G series handsets have armored payphone line cords on them, even with the blue rubber gasket in place. 


I think (hope) this is a fake pic...


Maybe he could take lessons from these guys...


Well I'll be a monkey's uncle.

Bad pun.

That picture of Bush has been around awhile, I seem to recall it was a staged picture as a joke.  I note that he is using a K series handset.  So your pictures, first FDR, then Truman, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush II, show that the White House phones do get upgraded as the years go by.  Too bad we can't see what that K series handset is attached to.


Yep, the picture of Bush is staged, or worked over in Photoshop, as is this one of Obama.


Many German period phones in "Valkyrie".
A good movie.

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Here are some frames of the really bad Noir wannabe film "Fingerprints Don't Lie", where a 302 is used as a murder weapon, which my darker side found amusing.  I mean, I always new that 302s were dangerous ;), but this "takes the cake".  Other than that it's a lousy movie. :)


302 as a murder weapon, scary! Its plausible since some 302's has metal casing and it is pretty heavy.

another thing, way back years before, there was a murder case here in the Philippines in which a telephone cord was used for strangling. well, some phones are deadly, hehehe ;D


Quote from: Dan/Panther on December 28, 2008, 01:31:21 AM
Many German period phones in "Valkyrie".
A good movie.

I'm looking forward to see that movie

Steve K


That murdering 302 is actually a 460!  That was the key version of the 302 and as far as I know they we all plastic but would still hurt if you got clobbered with one.



Good eye Steve K! I didn't notice the buttons.  Makes sense because the victim was a big businessman/politician.  The plot and catsup thickens.  By the way, the fingerprints DID lie. They were forged.  But the telephone survived. ;)

D/P, I'm downloading "Valkyrie" now.  I just hope Tom Cruise doesn't try to upstage the cool old German telephones with his big ugly mug.  Why didn't they just put a grenade in Hitlers' phone?  Just lift the receiver and...Kaput. ;)


QuoteThe plot and catsup thickens

Did you really just call it "catsup"?  Haven't seen that in a while.   I always pronounced that spelling as "cat sup" which makes it sound little cats were part of the deal.  The kids today have no idea what it is when you spell it out like that.


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