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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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The CRPF "Old Phones in Movies & TV" Compilation

Started by HobieSport, November 23, 2008, 01:45:19 AM

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I watched an old Indonesian movie from 1954, there is a phone in pyramid shape, but strangely the base is not square.
It has no dial since we still needed to contact the operator to call someone in the 50's here

Does anyone know what phone is this?



Yes, it's a North Electric Galion - (manual version with dial blank)

...more info:


North Electric Galion, but with a german handset - Siemens Modell 36/ W38 style, if I am correct. Strange.


It seems to be a bad habit of those North Galions to appear unexpectedly with wrong dials, handsets, what else?


Anyone noticed the phone in the Vicks commercial?

AT first I thought this was just a prop made from a WE 500 but then upon closer inspection the hookswitch plungers appear to be chrome and the hookswich hangers (where the handset rests)  are not squared more like semi hexagonal. No "handle" to carry it like a 500.
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


We have all seen gouged porcelain dial number plates with damage due to subscribers dialing with tools like pens, sticks, screwdrivers, etc.

The film Dick Tracy's Dilemma (1947) shows one of the more unusual ways they could be damaged. 

Hit Play.
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1938 - The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

Bogart tracing a phone call using a homemade device implanted in a D-mounting.

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Perry Mason, the original TV series.

32:31 into Season 2, Episode 8, The Case of the Jilted Jockey (1958).

A very nice 354 with black painted hook.