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Who Amongst Us Has The Oldest 500?

Started by HobieSport, November 26, 2008, 09:53:35 PM

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What's your oldest mostly original 500?

I have a '49, but don't tell anyone.
1 (0.9%)
11 (9.8%)
19 (17%)
25 (22.3%)
68 (60.7%)

Total Members Voted: 112


I have a couple of '54s, a '56 and a '57.


A '52, and a couple in the '53-57 range(all black) myself





My oldest 500 is dated 12/51 and is a J/K.  That Kirk fellow who claims to have a 49' 500, wish his picture was better and he had more of them.


I have a 52 and a 55 black ones.( I have a 58 554  dark beige wall phone too.)

My fav at the monemt is an AE40 with chrome bands, but the 500 ring is my childhood so I will "rotate my stock ' and  get out a black one for Christmas
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Dennis Markham

My oldest black 500 is from December of 1950.  I bought it the way it is....Network is 4/1950, Bells and 7A dial 12-50, Case is August of 1950, handset is dated 11/1950 with elements both from 12-1950.  The handset cord is a replacement but a straight black cord.  I have probably 6 or 8 other black ones from 1951 through 1958.  At one time I wanted one from each year.  I kind of gave up on that idea, not because I couldn't find them but it was getting crowded.  My favorite has to be my "birthday" phone.  All parts are dated 4-22-55, the day I was born.  Even the straight black handset cord is original.  I use it daily.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



I would love to find a 500 with all matching dates from year of birth, but unfortueately, I was born in 1949.


The More People I meet, The More I Love, and MISS My Dog.  Dan Robinson

Dennis Markham

Never say never...maybe there's one out there.  More likely a Model 302 or 354.  What month?  I'll keep my eyes open.

Attached are a couple of photos.  I actually have two black cases dated 4-22-55-3.  The third shift (I was born on the afternoon shift too).  On this one the date is a little worn but is in the best condition and was part of the original phone so I don't want to swap them out.  It is the phone that appears at the top of my web site.



The only WE500 I have is from 1960, but its been in the family since then and has sentimental value  :'(  I like the neoprene feet but I hate the upgraded modular cord!!!
Greg Sargeant
Providence, RI
TCI /ATCA #4409


mine is 63, its not that old

my cousin has a black 500 with metal dial so i suspect its from the 50's, she's not willing to give it to me, hehehehe


I'm on the hunt these days for a 49' year 500, there has to be one come up for air sooner or later.  I'm also on the hunt for a 2006 model 500, the last of the Cortelco jobs, in black preferably.  First and last year of production. 


I have a perfect dates-matching 8-52, but I also have one with the following:

Chassis 3-50
Shell  11-30-50
handset 8-51
ringer 1-56
capsules '55

It also has "C/D 500 CONV" in red on the bottom.  It says "I  3-50" in an odd place not by the ringer adjustment, but more near the front of the phone on the bottom.
Jim H.


Do you know if they made phones on Sundays?  I was born on a Sunday.....1-31-65.  It would be cool to have a "birthday" phone, too.
Jim H.