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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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How many of you actually use your antique phones?

Started by BDM, September 21, 2008, 04:19:03 PM

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So, how many are actually using their phones?

I have no modern phones
several at any given moment
Maybe one hooked up, when I'm in the mood
Hardly ever. Besides, they scare the kids
Heck no! Are you kidding? Display only!!


As I have over 60 working restored phones now, I have set up a "rolling tester/display area in my living room, with an extension of that line in my bedroom in another display/test area. That line has its own number and that number I am always happy to share with other collectors. It is +13605530134 Of corse if it rings too much I will have to change that a number but if you want to call and know what the phone is of that day, I would be happy to tell you. I usually change the phone every 3 weeks or so. This gives me the chance to test each phone.  This allows me to test any 2 phones at a time.

The phone pictured actually has a working electroluminescent disk but is not powered in the pic. I made a separate attachment of an old pic of that

Of course it is a VoIP line that is rotary compatible and I am always happy to help others in the forums here to do the same. I have now actually sold Antique phones bundled with VoIP service that has an end-price on par with Ooma's monthly price (after you calculate Ooma's taxes and hidden fees).
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


Swapped my phone out today my mustard ITT that came from the Philomath, OR rural telco
Phat Phantom's phreaking phone phettish


Ok I just added a wall jack a (cheap plastic generic) WE type .i can it the 2wire DSL filter on it and mount my GTE type wall mounts. It too rings from my antique telephone Line as an extension . Right ow I have the mustard ITT 500 and this 1958 yellow 554 . I jumped today when it rang because it was so loud with the two of them . That is how a phone used to ring!
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I use our's all the time, as we don't have Japanese phones in our house.  I have a pre-war ivory 302, post-war red and green 302s, a black 5302, a black Uniphone, an ivory North H6, a gold 202 Imperial, a rare SILVER 202 Imperial, a green 202,a black Kellogg 5100, a black Red Bar, a grey Connecticut "Toaster Phone", and dark beige, dark blue, green, red, and yellow Soft Plastic 500s, a black EARLY 500 with the clear dial face that is painted in back and has the 425A network, dark beige, yellow, black, and green Soft Plastic 554s, a Kellogg aqua 554s.  The black one is 1955, which makes it one of the first 554s made, as it came out during 1955 rather than in time for the beginning.  It has a black-painted, rather than chrome, cradle.  I have a yellow soft plastic Stromberg Carlson Cut Corner 1543 and a soft plastic dark beige cut corner 1543, and a red soft plastic 1553 wall Stromberg.  All three have the solid handset.  Actually, too many!