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Who Amongst Us Has The Oldest 500?

Started by HobieSport, November 26, 2008, 09:53:35 PM

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What's your oldest mostly original 500?

I have a '49, but don't tell anyone.
1 (0.9%)
11 (9.8%)
19 (17%)
25 (22.3%)
68 (60.7%)

Total Members Voted: 112


I have seen those dial adapter plates.  I don't remember whether any of the phones still  in my possession have them.  They could have been on a phone I passed along to someone else.

A friend who knows I'm into phones recently picked up a black 500 for me.  Bless his heart, but it had been modularized.  However, it has turned out to be a matching dates chassis from 5/56, including the dial, that was apparently checked out, modularized, and put back into service by New York Telephone in 1977 without any updates other than the case, handset, and fingerwheel.  I'm going to see about finding a hard-wired case and handset for it, along with a metal fingerwheel.

Jim Stettler

The only time I have noticed those dial adaptors were in that "lot" of phones that had the White 5302. I had seen them before in junk boxes at shows, but I didn't know their use.
My Green/Blue Story:

I won a 1957 green 500 on Ebay, It was reasonable price for a green.

ISTR it is all matching dates, including the green dial. (I haven't cjhecked it for a couple of years).
However it turned out to be med blue polane painted Green.
I think this phone was painted before it was ever installed for the first.

I will add it to the list of photos that I need to take.
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I've got a nice dark red '56 I picked up a few years ago on eBay.  I might have to replace the plastic dial, but otherwise it's in great shape; tight headset cord, original cord, original plug.  The dial seems much quieter, with less resistance, than the green '60 I found a month or so ago.

I'm starting to get hooked.  Help!


What is this:
A 500? from 1946??? ( dead link 06-28-21 )

Looks ok for mee, but this may be my first amercan rotary.
not to expensive, and only 14.99 in postage to Norway! Great.

I won, and postage turned out to be 55.94, so now I have trouble with ebay.

I hope we will work it out, but rather blacklisted at ebay than pay for this.

I have sendt a mesage to the seller, and hope to kome to a solution.

What kind of a telephone is this?


Doug Rose

Its a Western Electric 5302. Made to look like a 500 set from 302 parts. Nice phone, but fairly common....Doug


AT first glance th epostage was $14.99 within the USA so obviously it would be more to Norway. However, when you go to the shipping calculator and change it to Norway....$14.99.

Seller has following statement in the item description:
Shipping cost is an estimate, high bidder agrees to pay extra postage, if needed.
So they have attempted to cover themselves BUT putting a blanket statement in like that isn't an excuse to get out of all responsibility of listing the item accurately including correct postage information to other countries. They could have left out the foreign calculators and had a blanket statement to "Contact the Seller" for foreign rates.

Seller also states:
Please be advised that buyer is responsible for shipping costs if item is refused and returned. We will gladly return your purchase price, but we will not refund your shipping cost.

So I think that you should have no problem getting out of this purchase without any cost or bad feedback. if you want to do that You DO have a case to argue that they should ship it to you for $14.99 but knowing ebaY, you probably won't live long enough to win that arguement.

Just my opinion....Terry


The seller also calls it a 5203, rather than a 5302.  Not a big deal, but may have confused someone if they tried to look up the model number in a search engine.
-Bill G


And apparently, the 5302 is now the "Lucille Ball Telephone."  ::)


Quote from: bingster on November 13, 2010, 06:39:54 PM
And apparently, the 5302 is now the "Lucille Ball Telephone."  ::)

Only without the case installed on it....


Greg G.

Quote from: bingster on November 13, 2010, 06:39:54 PM
And apparently, the 5302 is now the "Lucille Ball Telephone."  ::)

I've even heard of some 500s called a "Perry Mason" phone.  At least I think it was a 500, the seller on CL couldn't give an accurate description.  The uninformed tend to be all over the board, from clueless overpricing to clueless underpricing.  I look for the latter.
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- Mike Row

Bill Cahill

Plastic dial on a '56 model phone? Sounds like a re hab?
What's the date on bottom of dial mechanism?
Alot  of phones were re habbed by the companies.
Bill Cahill

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Anyone ever make/get the Dial Center program in Word that you can type your phone number/exchange and then print?


Anyone have any Vintage WE/AE Dial Centers forsale/fortrade?
I am looking for some that would give my phones the real complete vintage look! Any help is appreached!

Doug Rose

Quote from: wordmike on December 06, 2010, 11:21:43 PM
Anyone ever make/get the Dial Center program in Word that you can type your phone number/exchange and then print?
Hey Mike....welcome to thr Forum. Look here for dial cards....Doug


Greg Sargeant
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