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Installing a Ringer

Started by Mike_Mas, December 07, 2011, 09:10:39 AM

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Hello I have an Automatic Electric Payphone with a blue board and I would like to install a ringer, I have a few different ringers both old and new,  am i correct in assuming that I would attach the two leads to the incoming L1 & L2 lines?  however I'm not sure of what size capacitor (.47 mfd ??) size and polarity and which line it would attach to.

Thanks in advance!



Typically, one lead from the ringer connects to one side of the incoming line (L1 or L2), and the other lead connects to a capacitor which is connected to the other side of the line.  A .47 μF capacitor (non electrolytic) will probably work.  The polarity is generally not important.



Internal ringers are difficult to fit into 3-slot payphones.  Even if you have enough room on the backboard, there may not be enough clearance when the housing is put on. 

Standard practice for 3-slot payphones is to install a separate ringer box below the phone. 

Yes, 0.47 microfarad, at 200 volts.  If you want a quieter ring, use 0.22 microfarad at 200 volts and make appropriate mechanical adjustments to the ringer if needed (e.g. on AE ringers, slightly loosen the screw at the rear of the clapper armature so that the clapper doesn't swing as far in each direction, and rotate the bell gongs inward so the clapper just misses them by about the thickness of a business card).


Thanks so much guys worked fine. You have a super forum here!

Happy Holidays!