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Another interesting field/ prototype trial of a tone type dialing set

Started by Key2871, April 17, 2021, 01:12:48 PM

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I first saw this on Paul's website for a prototype 300 style set set up to pluck reeds to produce a sound that could be produced by a unique way.
I couldn't imagine what it would sound like to try to "pluck" a reed to produce a sound that could be used to replace a rotary dial.
But looking at more from sxsphil on you tube I found this set and got to hear the sounds it made.
And not DTMF by any means but it does resemble in some ways.

Here's the link..


Phil's video is of the same set that's shown on my site.

The page also includes an analysis of the tones and two small audio files with sample tones.
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line



Yes Paul, I read that years ago was fascinated by the thought of the idea.
But I didn't hear the file of the sound it made.
Didn't I read there or was it somewhere else about how it was found hard to keep those in tune after a while and they decided to look at a different way.
More reliable and louder for long loops etc.